The Crown in Vintage Sunglasses

Helen Bonham Carter playing Princess Margaret in The Crown Netflix, wearing vintage sunglasses.

Blog Update 19/11/23 Binge Watched !!

So yesterday I took it upon myself to binge watch The Crown season six. I thought it was brilliant, although I've read quite a few negative reviews. The casting of Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki) and Mohamed Al Fayed (Salim Daw) is so accurate, you can almost forget it's not actually them. 

Based around the fateful summer of 1997, the four part drama shows the whirlwind romance of Diana and Dodi, and the tragic accident on the 31st August 1997. It brings Princess Diana to the forefront of the episodes, which she hasn't been previously. 

The fashion of the 90s is evident on the lavish yacht holidays. We see some fabulous 90s swimming costumes, teamed with some awesome sunglasses. From vintage Versace sunglasses, to some vintage Valentino sunglasses we think stylists Amy and Sidonie Roberts absolutely nailed it. 

Princess Diana Sunglasses The Crown Season Six

Also hint, if you want the swimming costume above it is available online - manufactured by Gottex, as was Diana's original costumes. 

Here we bring you our Princess Diana Sunglasses - The Crown Collection:

Princess Diana sunglasses The Crown Season Six

Gianni Versace 481 vintage sunglasses 1996. Princess Diana sunglasses The Crown Season Six.



Riflessi 537 518E Princess Diana Sunglasses The Crown Season Six

Riflessi 537 

Yves Saint Lauren 6548 sunglasses Princess Diana Sunglasses The Crown Season Six

Yves Saint Laurent 6548 


Blog Update!!! 24/10/2023

To follow on from my original blog below, which started by stating there was two years to go until The Crown season 5 was going to be aired, it is with great pleasure to know that the two years is nearly up!!

The new trailer was launched on Thursday last week and it looks sensational. I must say it did feel a bit strange, seeing the character of the late Queen Elizabeth II on the series since her passing. 

The trailer ends with Imelda Staunton who plays the Queen Elizabeth II saying " How did it come to this?" With Rishi Sunak  announced as the new leader of the Conservative party in the last hour, and set to become the next UK Prime Minister, you could ask the same question. 

As always when watching television I get drawn to glasses and sunglasses that feature on it. And from the trailer Season  5 of The Crown on Netflix is no exception. 

It seems only right to start by mentioning Jonny Lee Miller, who plays John Major in this series. John Major was the Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party from 1990 to 1997, which was a real turbulent period for The Royal Family. The glasses worn by Jonny Lee Miller are a good representation of the real John Majors 90s frames and look very similar to our own Flair 104 frames. 

John Major Crown Netflix Glasses. Jonny Lee Miller Glasses Netflix

Dominic West who starred in The Affair is playing Prince Charles, which looks to be an excellent casting. He wears some cool sunglasses in the trailer which look a lot like our Sybille 301 vintage sunglasses. 

Prince Charles Sunglasses The Crown series 5

Queen Elizabeth II has worn Silhouette glasses since 1982. Her style was traditional and often her frames were crystal with a touch of colour or detail. Queen Elizabeth II had cataract surgery in 2018 at the age of 92 and so in recent years has been seen more without her classic spectacles.  Imelda who plays the Queen in season 5 of The Crown, can be seen donning some fabulous vintage frames, reminiscent of Boutique 001 and some of our 80s oversized frames. 

The Queen's Glasses The Crown Netflix Season 5

Elizabeth Debicki is playing Princess Diana for the final two seasons (5 & 6) and said in a statement "Princess Diana's spirit, her words, and her actions live in the hearts of so many." With divorce, Diana taking a hold of her own narrative and a new love interest on the scene, it's safe to say Debicki has her work cut out to potray Princess Diana through the 90s. The infamous interview and the revenge dress both set to appear this season. Princess Diana and Prince Charles visited Italy in 1991and the stylists from the show have got it spot on with Debicki and West's outfits, right down to the sunglasses. 

Princess Diana Sunglasses The Crown Season 5 Netflix 

Check out the rest of our Piave Riflessi Collection 

Princess Diana Sunglasses The Crown Season 5 Netflix

As the seasons starts in November, we will be keeping a watch to see what other fabulous frames we spot. Winter nights with The Crown season 5, just perfect. 





So I can safely say that I am currently 100% obsessed with The Crown on Netflix. When I am not living my best eyewear life, it's Netflix, chilling with a G&T and ogling at Tobias Menzies who plays Prince Philip. 

So today when I heard that we will all have to wait till 2022 for the next series I thought what better way to spend my afternoon than researching sunglasses that have appeared on The Crown, or been spotted on real life royalty. 

So first we have Princess Margaret from the series, sporting a 1980's oversized frame. The frame is made of acetate and features a crystal bridge. Very similar in style to our Piave Linea in brown.  

Princess Margaret, The Crown Netflix wearing vintage sunglasses.

Moving onto Princess Diana, spotted on a skiing trip wearing Oliver Goldsmith Rio sunglasses. The princess was a fashion icon in the 80's and 90's and even today has a great impact, check out the sell out Sheep Sweater  that the world has gone crazy for. The princess was a great fan of Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses, and sported many pairs, along with Prince Charles, including the Berwick model which features later. 

Princess Diana wearing Rio by Oliver Goldsmith vintage sunglasses

This next image was taken between the 22nd February and the 7th March 1977 in New Zealand. Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Philip travelled as part of a Commonwealth tour to mark the Queen's Silver (25th) Jubilee. Not only are her sunglasses fantastic, but we love the pairing of her dress and turban like headdress. Below are a pair of original 1950's Thurgar Bollé vintage sunglasses which we think are similar to the pair worn. 

The Queen wearing vintage sunglasses in New Zealand 1977

Now it's back to Princess Diana wearing the Oliver Goldsmith Berwick, which was first launched in 1979. Originally thought to be Prince Charles frame, we feel Diana rocked them with more style. We have one Berwick in stock which was hand made in Japan. 

Princess Diana wearing Berwick vintage sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith

Played by Helena Bonham Carter in The Crown, Princess Margaret is seen sporting some sensational vintage sunglasses including this 1950's model. We paired it with Club Cat  an authentic 1950's vintage sunglasses frame, which would have worked incredibly well with the green feather trimmed dress she dons. 

Princess Margaret in The Crown Netflix, wearing 1950's vintage sunglasses.

Keeping with Princess Margarets character in The Crown, she sports an oversized oval acetate frame. This image helps to depict the Princess' character which, born August 21st Princess Margaret is a quintessential Leo. Enthusiastic, passionate, confident and generous are all traits to be seen in the series. A suitable sunglass, Anglo American Optical Aurora teams well with the shape and ideology behind her pictured pair. 

Princess Margaret The Crown Netflix, wearing oval vintage sunglasses

We had to make sure we featured the most loved sheep jumper of all time, so here it is, sporting the most fabulous collar. Princess Diana is pictured below watching a polo match at Guards Polo Club, Egham, Surrey.  Again she is wearing an 1980's oversized pair of sunglasses from Oliver Goldsmith. We teamed this look with a pair of authentic Christian Dior Monsieur 2300A frames. 

Princess Diana at the Guards Polo Club, wearing famous sheep jumper, peter pan collar and oversized vintage sunglasses.

Last but by no means least we have Princess Anne. Known for her sporty sunglasses we found this image of her sporting a pair of vintage aviator frames with mirrored lenses. We matched her style with this vintage Cébé 200 Special Sport edition. The Princess Royal is known for her love of horses and has had a successful equestrian career, competing in the Olympic Games and numerous european three day event championships.. The Princess Royal, Anne is also the President of the British Olympic Association.  

Princess Anne wearing vintage sports sunglasses