Deirdre Barlow - Coronation Street Legend

Deirdre Barlow - Coronation Street Legend

This week has seen the 60th birthday of Coronation Street. The cobbles have become a national institution, and many of the characters have become household names.

With over 5000 actors appearing in the soap, it felt only fitting that we wrote about one of our favourites, Deirdre Barlow. When we think Deirdre Barlow, we think of a red wine drinking, chain smoking, man loving glasses wearer. Played by Anne Kirkbride (1954-2015), Deirdre Barlow was a much loved character on the show for 42 years.    

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Deirdre made front page news in 1982 when one of the shows biggest storylines showed the love triangle between Deirdre, Ken Barlow and Mike Baldwin. The emotional scenes gripped the nation. 

Ken Barlow, Deirdre Barlow and Mike Baldwin 1983

In 1998 Deidre was jailed over fraud after being conned by Jon Lindsay the fake pilot. The famous scene heard her fall to pieces and state "I didn't do any of it!". 


Deirdre wore the same style glasses for over 30 years and in her youth was nicknamed “Miss Sexy Spex”. It was corner shop owner Dev Alahan who crushed her trademark oversized glasses them with a box one day, and so a public vote on the Coronation Street website would decide the future of her style. The result of this vote was a more to date, smaller pair of glasses.

Now it seems Deirdre is back on trend, with oversized glasses gaining huge followers. In fact the style seen in the clip above resembles the Chelsea by Michael Selcott model and also Zoe by Brulimar

Zoe by Brulimar 2131

Zoe by Brulimar 2131

Metzler 758

Metzler 758 70s Deirdre Barlow style vintage glasses

Boutique 001 80s 

80s Deirdre Barlow Vintage Glasses Boutique 001

Here are our top three Deirdre Barlow styles: 

1) Young Deirdre in the 1970's

Young Deirdre Barlow in the 1970's wearing vintage oversized glasses

2) Lucky Perm

Deirdre Barlow 1980's with huge perm and vintage glasses.

3) Oversized Behind Bars

Deirdre Barlow in Prison wearing large 1980's vintage glasses