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At Retro Spectacle we pride ourselves on offering high quality products at reasonable prices, our lenses are no different. We work alongside Hoya, a leader in optical lenses for seventy five years, bringing you innovative optical solutions to enhance your vintage eyewear. We offer a wide range of bespoke optical solutions and lens coatings including non prescription "clear" lenses and sunglasses. 

When choosing spectacle lenses it's important to consider there use, and what you want to achieve when wearing them as their are many lens combinations, including different materials, colours and coatings.

With qualified opticians on hand, we are able to provide you with the expert advice and help required when choosing spectacle lenses. If we feel a lens/frame/prescription combination does not work we will inform you before proceeding with your order. Looking at your prescription and requirements in detail with our eyes helps us to look after and protect yours. If their is a lens combination you would like to request which is not currently available on the website please do get in touch, as opticians we have full access to any lenses you could purchase from your high street optician.  

Our prices listed below are based on prescriptions falling within the following parameters: Sphere +/- 0.00D to +/-6.00D  Cyl +/-0.00D to +/-2.00D

If your prescription is out of this range, you must contact us first as your prescription may have limitations as to what is available and price's may vary. Click here to get in touch.

This will ensure that the spectacles you chose are the most suitable and that you will be entirely satisfied. There is a huge choice of lens options out there and our Dispensing Opticians will help guide your choice to the perfect combination, including the index of the lens required, the suitability of the frame for your prescription, coatings and colours for sun protection.

If you already have a pair of vintage glasses that you would like new lenses fitting into, we are happy to provide a lens only service, we do however advise that this is at your own risk, and we will not be held liable for the breakage of any frame during the glazing process. 

To allow us to create your bespoke vintage glasses we require the following information: 

    • A valid, indate copy of your spectacle prescription.
    • Your Interpupillary Distance (Pupil Distance/PD). This can be supplied by your optician.

Prescriptions should be sent to once the order has been placed.

Please note that a refund or exchange can not be offered on lenses as they are a bespoke product