Eyewear Trends 2021

Eyewear Trends 2021

With a new year ahead, trends & resolutions are evolving. 2020 has changed the world forever in a whole manner of ways, from the workplace, to the way we shop and human behaviour in general. If you are in the market for a new pair of specs, be it a spare pair for times of need, to impress colleagues and family over Zoom, or just time to get a fresh script, here is what's hot for 2021.

Thin Rims

Retro Spectacle 2021 Eyewear Trends

With a shift to wire frames, thin rims are making headway. Chic and sleek, thin rims help to create a subtle style. Keep it simple with precious metals, mix it up with a dash of colour or windsor rims. Geometric shapes can also be found like Deca £34.00 

Deca Geometric Glasses at Retro Spectacle



Jo Kitchen Retro Spectacle Oversized Glasses

Oversized eyewear has been a big trend for us in 2020 and looks set to continue this year. Some research suggests that eyewear offers a protective barrier helping to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. The big fashion houses have gone crazy with oversized frames and visors alike. Luckily for us our vintage collection has it covered. 

Gucci 2106 - Available in three colours

Gucci 2106 Vintage Glasses at Retro Spectacle

Blue Light 

Blue Light Glasses Retro Spectacle. Vintage Blue Light Glasses. Blue Light Blocking Glasses. 

2020 brought lockdown, and in turn screen time increased be it home-working on the laptop, or social media on your phone. The biggest source of blue light is sunlight, as well as computer monitors, smart phones, LED televisions and tablets. Research suggests, (although not scientifically proven) that excessive exposure to blue light can cause eye strain. It may also augment sleep dysfunction. Blue light filters are available with or without a prescription.  Buy blue light lenses here.


 Round Vintage Glasses at Retro Spectacle

Ok so we have all heard the Harry Potter joke when it comes to round glasses, but despite being heavily mocked, they continue to trend. There has been a visible shift (no pun intended) to metals from plastic as mentioned above, but round nevertheless is a firm favourite at Retro Spectacle. Round glasses also make for being one of the best gender neutral shapes in eyewear.

Cat Eye

Christian Lacroix Vintage Sunglasses

Christian Lacroix 7355 Vintage Sunglasses

We wouldn't be a vintage eyewear specialist without the occasional cat eye and they always make it on the trends list. This year they are shallowing, creating a more upswept and angular style. 

Shop Cat Eye Glasses

Shop Cat Eye Sunglasses


Mirari 3003 Vintage Glasses Retro Spectacle

Mirari 3003 £29.00

Transparent acetate frames are hot. Be it clear crystal or a soft and subtle pastel shade, these stylish frames are definitely trending and have a real 80's vibe.

Remember regardless of trends be sure to choose complementary frames for your face shape, hair & skin tones. If you need help with styling get in touch with Charlotte at info@retrospectacle.co.uk