BBC's The Serpent in Sunglasses

BBC The Serpent Sunglasses. Monique Sunglasses The Serpent. 70's Vintage Sunglasses.

Well it's the start of the New Year and we are back in lockdown, but the BBC have done it again with with a fantastic thriller The Serpent. We love BBC thrillers in fact Retro Spectacle's eyewear was featured in a previous BBC thriller starring Richard Gere called MotherFatherSon.

The Serpent is based on a true story about the infamous French serial killer Charles Sobhraj, who preyed on western travellers whilst posing as a gem dealer in the 1970's Thailand. His Canadian girlfriend Marie-Andrée Leclerc was an accomplice who helped drug his victims. 

Vintage sunglasses are all over this drama with both co-stars Tahar Rahim playing Charles Sobhraj otherwise known as Alain and Jenna Coleman playing  Marie-Andrée aka Monique, wearing a variety of really cool standout frames. Costume designers Rachel Walsh and Adam Howe really went to town, and the sunglasses play a key visual throughout the series. 

In only the first few minutes a rather insignificant, yet noticeable moment for us was when Charles went through airport security and removed his sunglasses with both hands, good practice to look after your frames! 

Headscarfs, basket bags and hippy jewellery were mainstream accessories in the 1970's along with some outstanding vintage sunglasses and glasses. 

Oversized, square, aviators and coloured tints all trended in the 70's styles all of which are back with a vengeance. We have scoured our collection to bring you some of the most stylish vintage frames which are so topical and relevant to this gripping thriller.

Monique The Serpent Sunglasses. The Serpent Sunglasses. Oversized Square Sunglasses. 1970's Sunglasses. Yellow Tinted Sunglasses.

Marie-Andrée Leclerc played by Jenna Coleman (BBC)

By far the most desirable 70's inspired frame is worn by Monique throughout the episodes. The brown mottled acetate frame has been fitted with a yellow amber lens and has gold metal detail to the temporal edge. It is very similar to Dunhill 6089 30. Manufactured in Germany in 1983 this stunning frame is unisex a super stylish pair of sunglasses.

Dunhill 6089 30 Vintage Sunglasses. The Serpent Sunglasses. Monique The Serpent Sunglasses.

Dunhill 6089 30 

Yellow fashion tints are not just a trendy look but can also improve clarity and help to reduce eye strain from digital devices. Here is a selection of other yellow tinted frames. Yellow tinted sunglasses are not just for the ladies, the tint colour is unisex and looks fabulous on guys too. 

Gucci the serpent sunglasses


Gucci 2016

Gucci 2106 vintage sunglasses in colour 46B. Manufactured in Italy, this high quality Gucci sunglasses frame is divine. The front of the frame is crystal with a mix of black white and amber tortoiseshell adding detail. The temporal sides feature the Gucci emblem in gold. A beautifully styled frame, even better in the flesh. Brown graduated lenses have 100% UV protection. Stylish, sustainable, Gucci.


christian dior 2493 the serpent sunglasses vintage sunglasses

Christian Dior 2493 

Christian Dior 2493 in colour 30. This stunning vintage Christian Dior frame has been fitted with a yellow fashion tint lens, a real 70's style frame. Manufactured in Germany in the 1980's, the frame is made out of Optyl, a lightweight, hypoallergenic and durable material. This oversized square frame features the CD emblem on the temporal sides and has a warm amber and gold shimmer to it. 


Tofana 70's style sunglasses. Oversized square vintage sunglasses with yellow lenses. The Serpent vintage sunglasses. 1970's Style sunglasses.

Tofana by Rodenstock

What's not to love about Tofana. Oversized, square with mid-set temples and yellow tinted lenses. A real 70's vibe from this vintage sunglasses frame. 

Nina Ricci 1311 Vintage Sunglasses. Square Vintage Sunglasses. Oversized Square Sunglasses. The Serpent Vintage Sunglasses.

Nina Ricci 1311 

Another favourite Nina Ricci 1311 was hand made in France. The front features a hand painted gold trim and yellow lenses, which look even better in reality help to secure the 70's style. 

L'AMY Pietro Vintage Sunglasses. The Serpent Vintage Sunglasses. 70's Style Sunglasses. Retro Sunglasses. Vintage Sunglasses. Yellow Tinted Sunglasses.

L'AMY Pietro 

Perfect for the guys wanting to try the yellow tint look Pietro gives a bold and masculine look to this "hippie" style. Team them with the Jheri Curl, Disco Hair or a Man Perm, you are guaranteed to nail that 70's style. 

Tahar Rahim The Serpent Sunglasses. The Serpent BBC Sunglasses. The Serpent Aviator Sunglasses.

Charles Sobhraj played by Tahar Rahim (BBC)

Tahar Rahim who plays Alain wears classic Aviator sunglasses. The styles differ slightly but the core fundamentals remain the same. A cool, calm befriending serial killer with impeccable style .

Ferrari 58 Vintage Sunglasses. Tahar Rahim Sunglasses. The Serpent Aviator Sunglasses. Vintage Aviator Sunglasses.

Ferrari 58

Manufactured in Italy in the 80's Ferrari 58 is a stunning example of the aviator. Made of Titanium this frame is lightweight, hypoallergenic and incredibly durable.

Boeing by Carrera 5731 Vintage Sunglasses. Vintage Aviator Sunglasses. Tahar Rahim Sunglasses. The Serpent Sunglasses. The Serpent Aviator Sunglasses.

Boeing by Carrera 5731

Targeted at pilots Boeing by Carrera vintage sunglasses were only produced in small quantities in the 80's. The matte finish on this particular model is divine. Red dampner detail acts as shock absorbers on the temporal sides and the nose pads rotate 70 degrees. The detail and quality demonstrated is second to none. 

Yves Saint Laurent 4008 Sunglasses. Yves Saint Laurent Aviator Sunglasses. YSL Aviator Sunglasses. Vintage Aviator Sunglasses. 70's Style Sunglasses. Tahar Rahim Sunglasses. The Serpent Sunglasses. The Serpent Netflix Sunglasses.

Yves Saint Laurent 4008

YSL vintage sunglasses, say no more. Sophisticated, stylish and sustainable, this gold aviator ticks all the boxes. 

Cazal 968 Sunglasses. Cazal Aviator Sunglasses. The Serpent Sunglasses. The Serpent Netflix Sunglasses. Tahar Rahim Sunglasses

Cazal 968 003

Cazal 968 is full of character, a fabulous style and most famously worn by Al Pacino in Donnie Brasco. Made in Germany this Cazal sunglasses frame is a cult classic.

Don't forget we can custom any frame with tint's and prescription lenses can also be just as fun and stylish. Get your 70's vibe on at Retro Spectacle.

 A special thanks to Bronagh from Love Blood Creative for the inspiration. 

 The Serpent is on BBC One Sunday's at 9pm.

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  • Great post and great show!

    Dario on
  • I cannot wait to get my yellow tinted beauties…you guys literally do the greatest frames I’ve ever seen…I don’t know how you don’t keep them all!

    Rosie on
  • It is just the best!!! You done did your research girl.
    Now this is all fabulous but not as fabulous as Im gonna look in ma Zoomy Zoom calls with my KILLER GUCCI BIG BAD BOYS ON!!!❤️

    Bronagh Wedderburn on

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