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Vintage YSL Heart Sunglasses. Yves Saint Laurent Heart Sunglasses. 90's YSL Sunglasses

Above: Yves Saint Laurent 6531 Y507

Curated by Charlotte, The Valentines Edit brings you the best luxury vintage sunglasses be it for yourself or a loved one. 

Every frame featured is suitable for prescription lenses so please get in touch if you'd like to discuss your prescription with me.

Say It with YSL!!

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We have just acquired a rare collection of 90's vintage YSL sunglasses. The heart is a motif used by Yves Saint Laurent, with a naturally romantic story attached. 

"Without an elegance of the heart, there is no elegance" A quote which was often used by Yves Saint Laurent himself. 

With only 8 designs in the collection and limited numbers available this really is a great way to say "I LOVE YOU".

 Yves Saint Laurent 6529 Y505

In 1962, the year after the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house was founded, Saint Laurent designed a beautiful necklace which held a small heart shaped pendent. Roger Scemama and his team created the necklace and it was given to Saint Laurents friend and favourite model Victoire Doutreleau to wear. It is also well known that Victoire has "romantic relations" with both Yves and his partner Piere Bergé. 

It was in 1979 that the "Heart" was reincarnated and became a lucky trinket. The beautiful pendent would be worn by Saint Laurent's favourite models, who in turn would close the show.  

Yves Saint Laurent 6557 Vintage Sunglasses. Vintage YSL Sunglasses. YSL heart sunglasses.

Yves Saint Laurent 6557 Y501

Hearts remain a key motif throughout the YSL collections to this day. Click here to view our full Yves Saint Laurent collection.

Don't Break My Heart's!!

It just wouldn't be right to do a valentines day edit with out mentioning this beauty. Anglo American Eyewear Hearts  Manufactured in the 80's and part of the Alternative Collection, this oversized heart shaped frame continues to inspire the big brands of today like Chloe and Saint Laurent.

Watch You Waiting For?

Nobody does rare luxury sunglasses liken Gérald Genta, the Swiss wristwatch designer was most famous for designing the Audemars Piguet Royal Ark and the Patek Philippe Nautilus. For the discerning gent who has a knowledge of watches, that will be impressive!! The designs are a mix of gold and platinum plated and were manufactured in the 90's, Italy. 

Gérald Genta New Classic 20 OB PP Vintage Sunglasses

 Gérald Genta New Classic 20 OB

Gerald Genta Gold and Gold 01 Vintage SunglasssesGerald Genta Gold & Gold 01 

The above model has been fitted with a specialist flat lens which changes in appearance from gold mirror to grey dependent on movement and light. View our full Gérald Genta collection.



With love from Tiffany 

Who wouldn't thank you for anything Tiffany on Valentines day?? Let's be honest, the brand has been pleasing and teasing since 1837. The brand revolves around love and has contributed to many a happy tale. We have a rare and exciting collection of vintage Tiffany gold and platinum plated, glasses and sunglasses, ready to steal hearts. The Tiffany collection qualifies for free worldwide delivery. 


Tiffany 114 Vintage Sunglasses



Tiffany 414

Tiffany T414 Vintage Glasses Valentines Day Edit

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