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Cazal was created by Cari Zalloni and brought styles and designs that became cult in the 1980’s. They styles were a key part of the hip-hop scene and remain as current and fresh now as they did back then. As an official stockist of the Cazal Legends collection we are able to provide our stylish customers with one of the most renowned and iconic eyewear brands of the last half century.


Our Cazal collection features a mix of original vintage models alongside Cazal Legends, which are modern takes of the classic frames from the 80s. Striking and bold, the Cazal Legends collection is not for the faint hearted. Manufactured in Germany, as were the vintage models, the collections demonstrate master craftsmanship, and include luxury materials such as 24KT gold and genuine leather. Our collection is constantly changing, so if there are specific models you are after, let us know and we can be sure to let you know first if one becomes available.

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Cazal has featured on many celebrities, musicians and actors across the decades. Al Pacino wore the Cazal 968 in the 1997 cult film Donnie Brasco and John Goodman wore the Cazal 955 in Hangover 3. 


Cazal 955 John Goodman Hangover 3 Vintage Sunglasses

Donnie Brasco Al Pacino Sunglasses