Brand Focus - Anglo American Eyewear

Original Anglo American Eyewear Vintage Glasses

Were focusing our attention on the fabulous Anglo American Optical. Founded in London in 1882, it is to date one of the longest standing optical frame manufacturers around.

When viewing our collection, it's interesting to note of the correlation between Anglo American frames and the leading styles marketed today. Vintage Anglo American frames are as stylish and fashionable now as they have ever been. A key influencer for the optical sector across the decades, Anglo American Optical have always consistently balanced style and fashion, with high quality manufacturing. 

All Anglo American Optical frames are made of Cellulose Acetate. This cotton based material makes each frame hypo-allergenic - making them unlikely to cause an allergic reaction to the wearer. This material also makes frames, lightweight, durable and comfortable to wear, which is a necessity for any spectacle wearer.  

Seen on celebrities across the globe including Johnny Depp, Michael Caine and Elton John, it is know wonder that this brand will stay at the forefront of optical fashion for years to come.  


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