The time is now

Lady wearing retro glasses vintage glasses

There has never been a better time to purchase a pair of vintage spectacles!! Vintage, retro, geek chic, rockabilly whatever you want to call them, these frames are stealing the catwalk. Spectacles have become the fashion accessory of the season whether you need a prescription lens or not, they enhance your look, create a unique style and can finish an outfit. 

With this is mind it is amazing to think that most people on average only have one pair of spectacles. You wouldn't dream of one pair of shoes for every occasion. It's a fact that when we look good we feel good and creating your unique image is possible by combining vintage glasses with your chosen outfits. 

Of course fashion and style are of great importance to many but vintage spectacles are not just about being cool or on trend.

Vintage eyewear is good for the environment. Wearing vintage glasses helps reduce waste by making use of perfectly good spectacles that are original and can last a lifetime.

Vintage spectacles are high quality, demonstrating superb craftsmanship and were designed to last. Many of todays mass produced spectacles are made with the ideology that we live in a disposable society and when products are past their best we throw them away and repurchase new.

For many people, spectacles are a necessity and the styling of vintage spectacles really takes into account the needs of suitable durable frames for the everyday wearer. Many vintage styles come in smaller eye sizes making them perfect for those with high prescriptions or people who require a petite fit frame. Frames such as the NHS 524 with curl sides are great for comfort and give added security making the frame popular for those who participate in sports.