Our first blog post

Our first blog post

So here it is, finally our new website and first blog post. At retro spectacle we have a genuine passion for eyewear, vintage spectacles especially.

Our passion started with the phenomenon that was NHS frames. These were available between 1948 and 1985. Our favourite models being the 524, 525 and 824. These frames were manufactured in Britain, by highly experienced craftsmen. The frames are high quality, durable and now extremely stylish. The outstanding quality of these frames has allowed them to last to the present day. The mass produced frames of today do not begin to echo the quality that was present in their predecessors. Our love has since blossomed and we now have a wide array of vintage glasses from across the globe.

Vintage fashion is in like never before and eyewear has become a mainstream fashion accessary. We want to help you complete your look, whether you need spectacles or not, make a statement be bold and have fun!!!

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