Summer Sunglasses 2017

Retro Spectacle Vintage Sunglasses, Cazal Sunglasses, Walter & Herbert Sunglasses


With summer 2017 fast approaching, we wanted to let you in on this seasons latest sunglasses trends, mixing old with the new. Our original vintage sunglasses collection includes brands such as Christian Dior, Anglo American Eyewear, Carrera, Cutler & Gross and many more. Linking in with our vintage sunglasses collection we have the Cazal Legends collection, which is based on the original 1980’s designs and Walter & Herbert sunglasses, which take inspiration from the 1940’s and 1950’s manufactured in Liverpool, England.

Vintage sunglasses are a fabulous way to be unique and wear styles which are on trend but rare on the high street. Our glazing lab allows us to fit brand new lenses to our sunglasses frames with full UV protection, helping to create a more bespoke look whilst offering the protection you need. Not only are vintage sunglasses a sustainable fashion option, they allow wearers to purchase some designer brands at a snip of the retail price today.

The usual suspects are out this summer with round, aviator and cat eye sunglasses once again leading the way. Ombre lenses, coloured lenses and mirrored tints are also making waves. It is clear when looking across all of the 2017 current sunglasses collections that great inspiration has been taken from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s which is why all of our frames are so current and stylish.

Our sunglasses collection can also be fitted with prescription lenses dependent on your requirements. Sun protection is often forgotten when it come’s to the eyes. We have a wide array of optical sun solutions from standard tints, polarised lenses, mirror tints and transition lenses available.


Retro Spectacle Vintage Sunglasses Vintage Christian Dior three step process.





This 1980's vintage Christian Dior 2491 frame was cherry picked by ourselves, we were certain it would look amazing with a brown 85% abs tint with full UV protection and it's safe to say we were not wrong. Our two step process allows you to choose any frame and fit it with tinted lenses of your choice. Our spectacle lens page has information about the sun lenses available, pricing and prescription availability.