Spectacular Eyewear!!

September 12, 2016

Spectacular Eyewear!!

As Coco Chanel once famously said "Fashion come's and goes, but style last's forever". Style is expressing yourself through what you wear. Often style starts from the bottom up, so you choose your footwear, clothing, jewellery, makeup and hair which all contribute to your style and the way you carry yourself. Glasses are now becoming the accessory of the times and often people don't think how their glasses can alter their appearance and their style. Admittedly, describing glasses as accessories suggest's that we all should each have a pair of glasses for every occasion (you don't wear the same shoes all year round) but we understand this is not feasible. So it's important to make your glasses work for you and enhance your appearance. Some people have an aversion to choosing glasses, however if you chose your frames well, get the size, colour and style that suits your complexion, face shape and own unique style, you wont go far wrong. 

As with any trends the celebrities often lead the way. Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Johnny Depp, Jay-Z and Rita Ora have all recently been spotted wearing retro glasses or vintage inspired glasses. Kendall Jenner and Johnny Depp are trending with their vintage inspired round glasses such as our 242 Round Vintage Glasses. Jay-Z has been known to wear vintage Dunhill glasses on occasion they suit his style and facial characteristics, we have the Dunhill 6073 which is a very stylish and fashionable pair of mens vintage glasses. Rita Ora rocks the cat eye style be it in glasses or sunglasses, Martin Wells 1960's Black Cat Eye  is a beautiful example of an orginal vintage cat eye glasses frame.

Click here to view our Pintrest Celebrity Eyewear board and get some inspiration. 

Over the coming weeks we are going to create a series of blog posts which in turn will help you in choosing your perfect vintage glasses or vintage sunglasses. 

We will cover frame sizing, face shapes - and which glasses suit each shape and frames to suit your hair colour.

If you have any questions regarding the styling of your vintage glasses or vintage sunglasses you can contact us at   

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Size Guide and Frame Measurments

It is important when purchasing your vintage glasses that the size of the frame is taken into consideration. All our frames have the measurements displayed for each frame on a tab called Measurements. The measurements displayed are the Lens Width, Bridge Width, Temple Length, Temple Width & Lens Depth. The measurements provided indicate the size of your glasses and are all recorded in millimetres.

Lens Width is the distance across the lens measured from the bridge. This distance can be dependent on the style of the glasses chosen, for example round glasses will have a smaller lens width. People with high prescriptions are better to keep the lens width as small as possible, as the greater the lens width the thicker the lenses.

Lens Depth is the depth of the lens at the greatest point.  A frame needs a minimum Lens Depth of 28mm to accommodate varifocals. 

Bridge Width is the distance between the lenses which sits across your nose. The greater the bridge width the wider the bridge across the nose. 

Temple Length is the length of the side from the dowel point to the end tip. Its important the side length is long enough to sit over your ear. 

Temple Width is the width of the frame across the inside of the front of the frame from temple screw to screw. This indicates the width of the frame, and is a great measurement to compare to your existing spectacles.

If you are unsure as to the size of any of our spectacles or you need advise or help comparing them to your current spectacles get in touch with us at