He’s a model and he’s looking good!

Bespoke Customised NHS 524 Vintage Glasses Vintage Sunglasses

We love our customers to enjoy their glasses and we want to find out more about why they chose Retro Spectacle. We’ve asked Andy, one of our customers to explain in more detail. 


I was looking for a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses but was very particular about the lens and frame combination. The only frames I could find that had the right shade of tortoiseshell and green lenses were extremely expensive, well over £150.

A colleague suggested I take a look at www.retrospectacle.co.uk because they have a wide choice of retro and vintage glasses frames that can accommodate any lens choice. 


I hadn't realised many ‘brand new’ frames are actually based on retro or vintage designs. I liked the concept of Retro Spectacle being focused on genuine / original vintage frames. A real bonus (which I had not realised) was I could customise the vintage frames by choosing my own colour of lens. I did consider a cool Johnny Deep blue lens but felt I couldn’t pull it off! 

A quick conversation with Retro Spectacle resulted in my selection of graduated green tints 85-15.

When I took delivery I was amazed at the quality of the frame and also the way the lens complement my frame. They feel great and its quite unusual to think there is no way I will see someone wearing my sunglasses. They’re original and custom designed to my requirements.

Retro Spectacle: 

Thanks for the feedback Andy. Great to know you’re happy. So many people don't realise the degree of customisation possible, you just need a bit of imagination and don't be afraid to ask us. 

Let’s take the opportunity to explain a bit about sunglasses lenses that can be fitted to our vintage frames. 

The first and most important question you should ask yourself when choosing bespoke sunglasses lenses is, what do you want to achieve with these lenses? Is it to create a stylish look in vintage frames, a lens to help reduce glare or enhance contrast, to be unique and have something that's not available on the high street, or just for the perfect holiday sunglasses. Whichever of the above you are trying to achieve we can help you find the perfect lens combination to suit your frame. 

Click here for more information on the different lens types available.

Andy didn't need prescription lenses, however he had a specific look and aim he wanted to achieve. He had already decided he wanted a green lens tint on his sunglasses, which makes a great change to the more commonly used brown or grey tints, and suited the tortoiseshell frames he had picked incredibly well. The sunglasses were for general use, however he felt previous pairs he had purchased were too dark and when driving he was beginning to struggle with the instruments in the car. 

We decided a graduated tint which goes from dark at the top, to a light shade at the bottom of the lens would work well, so when he looked down towards the dash board, the lighter tint would make it easier to view. The depth of tint we used was 15% LTF at the top, lightening to 85%LTF at the bottom. Most importantly the lenses have full UV protection. 

LTF is the Light Transmission Factor, which effectively is how much light is transmitted through the lens. The lower the %LTF the darker the tint. Below is a table which shows the difference between the depth of tints, the usage and driving restrictions.

Driving and Tinting Catagories

 Class  Category Useage Tint Transmission % Driving Restrictions
0 Clear or Very Light Tint Indoors or Overcast 80% - 100% None
1 Light Tint Light 43% - 80% Not Suitable for Night Driving
2 Medium Tint Medium  18% - 43%
Not Suitable for Night Driving 
3 Dark Tint Bright 8% - 18% Not Suitable for Night Driving
4 Very Dark Tint Exceptionally Bright Up to 8% Not Suitable for Driving 


Overall we were really happy and excited to see the finished product and Andy provided the fabulous photo. By the way Andy, have you ever considered being a model!


We always like to receive feedback and images of our customers wearing their original vintage glasses and sunglasses so please get in touch via our Contact Page or email us at info@retrospectacle.co.uk