Ski Sunglasses

Ski Sunglasses

With Summer coming to a close, our thoughts have turned to the 2022 winter sports season, with an eclectic drop for skiers and snowboarders. It's been a while since we've headed to the Alps to enjoy some fresh powder, and for us it's as much about the Après Ski, as it is the skiing and boarding. A nice warm glass of vin chaud followed by an Aperol spritz is the perfect way to warm yourself after a morning on the slopes.

What is becoming ever more noticeable is the fashion up on the mountain, with many of us dumping practicality for style. Ski and snowboarding clothes have even got the vintage bug with many new designs taking inspiration from the past, with brands like OOSC rocking some 80s prints and Rokit London doing a dedicate vintage ski collection. 

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We decided to curate our Winter Sports collection as we have such a fabulous range of new unused vintage sunglasses which fit the bill when it comes to skiing sunglasses or snowboarding sunglasses. Our range has a whole host of features including visor like wrap around frames, polarised lenses, specialist mountain lenses to reduce glare and fold up frames to save space if you like to swap between goggles and sunglasses. 

Below are some of our favourite models, that I have personally chosen. 

yea baby let's rock
Cebe 1715 vintage sunglasses. Skiing sunglasses. Snowboarding sunglasses
28g of Kevlar won't weigh you down as you snake through the salom poles
Carrera Snake 5586 fold up sunglasses. Snowboarding Sunglasses. Skiing Sunglasses.
The 5414's are my partners fav. Bold & brash!
Vintage skiing and snowboarding sunglasses. Carrera vintage sunglasses.
Quirky boarder shades!
Sunjet by Carrera Vintage Sunglasses. Skiing Sunglasses. Snowboarding Sunglasses.
Seriously retro with the string attachment.
Cèbè 1912 vintage sunglasses. Snowboarding sunglasses. Skiing sunglasses.