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Poker Face

When I first saw Poker Face on a followers Instagram, the picture alone meant I had to see what it was all about. Currently on Peacock, and without a UK release date, I am going to have to be patient before I get the opportunity to binge watch, however I have done my homework and can give you a brief overview of whats coming soon. 

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Created by film maker Rian Johnson, who created Knives Out, Glass Onion and Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi, Poker Face is his first television series. 

Columbo lovers watch out, this murder mystery drama follows the murder solving fugitive that is Charlie Cole (played by Natasha Lyonne). One of the first things that strikes me is Cole's husky voice, that is reminiscent of Marge Simpson.

Cole can spot a liar from a country mile and the creation is heavily weighted on the detective shows we know and love from the 70s and 80s. 

The inspiration from said eras and shows, can be seen throughout the wardrobe of the Poker Face cast and it was Costume Designer Trayce Gigi Field  who created the vintage vibes that don this series. 

In a recent interview with Indie Wire Field told them “Natasha is also a big fan of vintage so her initial mood board was ’70s meets Western meets desert girl, you know?,”. So we expect a little cowgirl come detective looks to feature throughout the episodes. 

As soon as the UK release date is out we will update the blog to keep you in the know, but in the meantime, spot our favourite Poker Face inspired vintage sunglasses below.


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YSL 30-3121

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