Super Strong 1.53

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These lenses are recommended for those with an active lifestyle or those who have rimless or supra frames

Our Super Strong 1.53 lenses are 3x times stronger than our standard lenses. Recommended for those with an active lifestyles, rimless & supra frames. They have a super tough scratch resistant coating, 100% UV protection and a 2 year anti breakage warranty.

The lenses are composed of a thinner lightweight material making it suitable for those with higher prescriptions. Its strong composition and durability also makes it perfect for those opting for a Supra or Rimless frame adding strength to the lens.  

We also recommend this lens design for low prescriptions up to a +/- 3.00 or those with active lifestyles. 

These lenses are of high optical quality and turn your dream vintage glasses into a wearable and purposeful accessory. 

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