Y2K Trend Alert - Sunglasses & Glasses

Y2K Sunglasses and Glasses Styles

Late 90s to 2000's, those are the years that define Y2K. The turn of the millennium was an exciting time, the 21st century seemed so futuristic, which was depicted in the fashions at the time. 

Y2K glasses and sunglasses also became more futuristic, they were much smaller than those of the 80s. There was an insurgence for rimless frames, as well as narrow bold sunglasses. Think Anastacia, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, that was the look. 


Here are six of our favourite Y2K sunglasses frames

Desert 2100 034 Y2K Sunglasses
Christian Dior 2931 Y2K sunglasses
Fendi Fendissima Y2K vintage designer sunglasses.
Chanel Y2K Sunglasses
Duvall y2K Sunglasses