What Sunglasses Suit My Face?

What Sunglasses Suit My Face?

With the weather starting to change, and summer fast approaching we ponder one of our most frequent summer questions... What Sunglasses Suit my Face? 

Choosing sunglasses is a little more forgiving than choosing glasses. The lenses are darker which gives some flexibility on size if you wanted to choose something a little bigger than you would normally go for with glasses.

Also the brow rule goes out of the window. We all know with glasses, you want your brows to be above the frame, however with sunglasses it really doesn't matter, the bigger the better aye? 

Sunglasses are an investment piece for your wardrobe, they can complete an outfit, and particularly with vintage sunglasses, if looked after they can last for years and years.  

Getting prescription sunglasses is a massive game changer too for those who wear specs, and once you have a pair you won't go without again. We can create any look in a prescription lens, so don't feel you are tied to regular sunglasses. You can choose from a huge range of lens colours and finishes.

When considering the shape of sunglasses, the idea is to balance your features as with glasses. So if your face is round or more oval, a square frame will help to balance that. A square frame suits frames with softer edges, such as round or oval. Click here to learn all about face shapes and styles to suit. 

When it comes to the colour of sunglasses, again the basic principles apply as with glasses, but we feel it can be more relaxed, and hey if you like them go for it. Your metal frames, black, tortoiseshell are classic colours, which are timeless and we see them every season. A bolder or brighter colour may be more seasonal. Click here to learn more about colours to suit you.

Summer 2022 sunglasses trends include white sunglasses, 70s style sunglasses, Y2K styles, Aviators, and 80s Bold designs. So with that said what would be better than the genuine vintage article. 

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