Tura - Making Eyewear since 1938

Tura - Making Eyewear since 1938

In 1938 Tura was founded by Monroe B. Levoy in New York City. 

The opulent styles created were something to treasure. The frames were made of aluminium,  and the brand were granted a patent design in 1947. 

In the 1950's the brand went from strength to strength and Vogue magazine deemed them as "invaluable". It was the 1950's that saw the introduction of the Turanette frame, spectacles/tiara. This incredible, intricate design was not only a pair of spectacles, it doubled as a hair accessory, which swept up from the temporal side. 

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 In 1949 an advert ran which stated "because women who wear glasses realise that there is no such thing as inconspicuous glasses, spectacle frame assume their logical place as a fashion accessory". 

Colours used by the brand were like those not seen before, including cherry red, powder blue, baby pink and "Turalite" a silver colour. 

Alexis Smith the Canadian born screen siren modelled for the brand, advertising the Colourtura sets, a table top set that had a pair of spectacles for every outfit. 

In the 1960's Tura became the first ever eyewear company to partner with a high end fashion house, Christian Dior. 

Ornate decorative frames were key throughout the Dior range and Tura alike. 

The 1950's frames were intricate and detailed, with gem stones and metal work. 

Tura still exists today although the frames are not reminiscent of the 1950's and 1960's work. 

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