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Nolly Sunglasses. Nolly wearing Christian Dior 2104 vintage sunglasses. Dior designer sunglasses.

Inspiration comes from everywhere, and on this miserable December morning, I took a cup of coffee back to bed and watched BBC One - Breakfast. Now this is something I seldom do, which makes it more of a coincidence. Anyhow a feature came up on the ITV X series Nolly, which is being aired on ITV1 on the 27th December, and I just had to write about it. 

From the off it is evident they have a fantastic wardrobe team, headed by costume designer Annie Hardinge, who worked closely with Helena Bonham Carter, who plays Nolly. Fabulous vintage glasses and sunglasses are smattered throughout the three part series from both the 70s and 80s.


Christian Dior 2104 10 Vintage sunglasses as worn in Nolly by Helena Bonham Carter, Noele Gordon

Helena Bonham Carter Nolly Christian Dior sunglasses. Nolly Sunglasses.

In a nutshell Nolly, is based on the true story of Noele Gordon, who played the character Meg Mortimer in the legendary soap opera Crossroads. Nolly's long sting in the show ran from 1964 to 1981, she was the matriarch of the show, a strong character. She was sacked from the show in 1981, when she was told "all good things come to an end". Nolly didn't want to be written out and went to the grave in 1985 without ever knowing why she was sacked. The rise of feminism began in the 70s, and we know there was a lot of sexism and misogyny, so is that why Nolly got the boot?. Tune in on the 27th December and find out!!

Below we have curated a selction of Nolly vintage glasses and sunglasses.

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