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Interview with Andy Crofts

Interview with Andy Crofts
This week we have been lucky enough to interview the fabulous Andy Crofts, an English singer-songwriter, musician and photographer. Andy is in the indie rock band The Moons from Northampton and is the bass guitarist in Paul Wellers band. 
Andy how did you get into music? What and who were your influencers? 
When I was a kid I always used to listen to music. I felt I had a connection with music and could hear songs differently. I mean, I could strip the song apart to hear different instruments etc. This was before I could play instruments and I wasn't really aware I was doing it. At my first school around the age of 7 (I think), we were all given a free record of Rock n Roll featuring legends such as Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly etc. While most of the other kids weren't interested, it meant so much to me. I listened over and over again to the 20 odd songs on there and I became obsessed with Buddy Holly. Whilst this was going on I had already been raised on The Beatles by my family so this was the start of everything for me.
What has been your most memorable performance?
I have had quite a few to be honest. With The Moons I think our show at the 100 Club with Paul Weller supporting was pretty surreal. I mean he's one of my best mates but who would have thought that would ever have happened. There was some electric in the air that night that I can't explain. 
As for Weller there have been so many but they do tend to merge into one a lot as we have so many good ones. I think the last show we did in San Francisco at The legendary Fillmore was pretty special. The venue alone has so much history and I think it rubs off on us every time we play there. We were on form that night! Plus I love San Fran. I feel like I'm in a Woody Allen film when walking the streets.
How would you describe your fashion style and who are your fashion influencers? 
Growing up I identified with Mods and I guess I will always carry that with me but I think I mainly took influence from all my favourite musicians and some actors I guess. Bands like The Beatles, Serge Gainsbourg,  Small Faces, Bob Dylan, The Clash, Motown, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, James Brown, The La's ,The Jam, The Specials, The Who, Michael Caine, James Dean, Steve McQueen, Bruce Lee, (I could go on). Anyway you get the idea. Subconsciously I'd take a pinch from all of this without thinking and that is what shaped me. I certainly do not follow any styles or care about fashion that much, I just wear what I'm feeling.
If you could have dinner with 2 global celebrities/leaders who would they be? 
Umm that's a tough one. Probably The Two Ronnies if they were still with us.
How did you find Retro Spectacle?
I'd been searching for a pair of glasses that I kind of grew up with. By that I mean my grandad and many other idols such as Ronnie Barker, Peter Sellers, John Lennon, Michael Caine, Buddy Holly etc used to wear a certain style and I feel it's all I ever knew. I've only ever liked the frames like horn rimmed glasses. Anyway I was just browsing around and I came across your website. I was very happy to see what I was looking for and knew I had to get them ASAP.
What were your first impressions of our site?
I thought your site was good! In fact I was almost tempted to stray away from my favourite glasses as you had some cool ones on there.
How is your vision through the spectacles and are you happy with the appearance of your lenses since we glazed them? 
I've never really spoken about my eyes in interviews before ha. Well my vision is so much better through the glasses and as I said before the shape is me so that's cool. The only thing I wish I had done is have sunglasses with prescription lenses.
You also bought a pair of sunglasses so what are your holiday plans this summer? 
Yeah the sunglasses I got from you are pretty much the same shape as my reading glasses. I've worn this style for many years so I'm sure they will travel around with me. 
Plans for this summer is to have a little shed converted into a  recording studio in my back garden and just try and write some new songs towards a new Moons album and a solo release (if my daughters give me a second!).
I'll also be doing a bunch of shows throughout the year with Paul Weller so I'll be busy as usual. 
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