FW 21/22 Eyewear Trends


With the seasons changing we wanted to keep you up to date with the trending styles moving forward. Some are a continuation from the Spring Summer trends, some are new. 


The seven key trends are :

  • Square Retro
  • Metallic
  • Eco Friendly & Sustainable
  • Minimalistic
  • Statement
  • Protective shades
  • Jewel Tones 

The first key trend is Square Retro. With frames dating back to the 50s we have plenty to choose from. Think Reuben Tishkoff (Elliott Gould) Ocean's 13. Bold, sharp styles, with plenty of punch. This trend is working for glasses and sunglasses so focus on the straight lines. 

 Eschenbach 6206 Vintage Glasses. Square Vintage Glasses.

Eschenbach 6206 20

Christian Dior Square Retro Glasses

 Christian Dior 2483

Metallic frames are making a comeback with lots of shine. From precious metals to more affordable options, there is a metallic frame out there for everyone.

Savile Row Algha Round Vintage Glasses

Savile Row 14KT GP Round

Christian Lacroix 7410 41 Vintage Glasses

Christian Lacroix 7410

Pilot Look Vintage Glasses

Pilot Look 

Eco friendly and sustainable ranges are gaining in popularity. Well we have this one nailed. What better way to purchase sustainable eyewear, than something that was created many moons ago and the materials and energy required to make them have already been generated. Why purchase a frame that is being based on vintage designs using new products now, when we have the real deal here waiting?

Minimalistic frames are on the rise, think 90s Matrix styles. Again sticking with metals. A lot of our luxury brands have this one nailed from the likes of Tiffany & Matsuda.

Matsuda 10628 90s vintage glasses

Matsuda 10628 

Want to make a statement? Well your in luck. Think prints, glitter, detail anything to steal the show. 

Rober Rudger 500 Vintage Glasses

Rober Rudger 500

Claudia Carlotti Zenith Vintage Sunglasses

Claudia Carlotti Zenith

Trending colours are heading towards jewel tones, think reds, purples, emerald greens and  blues.  Check out our blog by professional stylist Jodie Gillary from @thestylingworks which talks about what colours work best for different skin tones and complexions. 

The protective shades trend is not over yet with Covid-19 still around. Think safety glasses, with side shields and big lenses. The more coverage, the greater the protection. 

Carrera 5414 Oversized Vintage Sunglasses Carrera 5414

Vintage Welding Glasses Welding Curl

Neostyle Target Vintage Glasses with side shields

Neostyle Target