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YSL 80s Sunglasses. Women's YSL sunglasses. YSL Sunglasses. Designer Sunglasses.

So it all started in 1961 with Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) and Pierre Bergé. By 1966 Saint Laurent Rive Gauche ready to wear collection was launched. The brand has become one of the most well known, respected designer brands of the 20th century.YSL eyewear is very much a symbol of style and luxury and all of our vintage frames, we're manufactured in Italy. 


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As YSL gained global acclaim for its groundbreaking clothing designs, the brand expanded its reach into the realm of eyewear during the 1960s and 1970s. Oversized styles were synonymous with the eras, and all would mostly feature the YSL signature. Avant garde designer sunglasses. Our collection of Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses spans from the 70s to the 90s, most of which come with orignal YSL cases and packaging. 

80S YSL sunglases. Women's YSL sunglasses. Vintage sunglasses. Designer sunglasses.

The 80s kept that oversized style trending and the YSL logo became a household name for fashion lovers across the globe. The brand also became well know within the celebrity circles, with many spotted wearing YSL sunglasses by paparazzi. 

And so we move to the 90s the decade of minimalistic style and futuristic thinking. Sleek, understated designs became the norm, whilst the brands commitment to quality and craftsmanship, remained at the forefront of the brand. 

90s YSL sunglasses. Women's YSL sunglasses. Mens YSL sunglasses. Designer Sunglasses. 90s YSL. Rare YSL Sunglasses.

YSL 6002 106 - Photographed for original YSL advert

In the 21st century YSL continue to produce glasses and sunglasses, and many of the current designs take inspiration from the vintage designs from the past. As they always say, fashion does a full circle. Only recently we noticed that the new season Saint Laurent model SL614 is an identical design to the original vintage YSL 6506 

Here are our top five vintage YSL sunglasses:

YSL 8702 Sunglasses. Saint Laurent Sunglasses.
Yves Saint Laurent 30-3101. Mens Saint Laurent Sunglasses
Yves Saint Laurent 6058 Y361 sunglasses. Saint Laurent Sunglasses. Oval designer sunglasses.
YSL 6551 Y501 sunglasses. Mens Saint Laurent sunglasses. Mens designer sunglasses.
Yves Saint Laurent 5014 Y555 sunglasses. Saint Laurent sunglasse. White cat eye sunglasses.