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Single Vision PNX 1.53 with Premium Anti Reflective Coating

We all want our vintage glasses to last forever and PNX 1.53 lenses are a great way to help you preserve your lenses. Three times stronger than standard CR39 1.5 plastic lenses, they are made up of a strong, tough, flexible lens material which comes with a 2 year anti breakage guarantee, a premium anti reflective coating 100% UV protection. The anti reflective coating comes with a three year manufacturers warranty. The coating further enhances the cosmetic appearence of your lenses by reducing reflections, glare and increasing clarity.  

The lenses are composed of a thinner lightweight material making it suitable for those with higher prescriptions. Its strong composition and durability also makes it perfect for those opting for a Supra or Rimless frame adding strength to the lens. 

We also recommend this lens design for low prescriptions up to a +/- 3.00 or those with active lifestyles. 

These lenses are of high optical quality and turn your dream vintage glasses into a wearable and purposeful accessory. 

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