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Original NHS 524 1960's Curl Bespoke Vintage Sunglasses


  • Here we have bespoke 1960's NHS 524 vintge glasses in brown tortoiseshell acetate frame with metal curl sides, which have been transformed into a beautiful pair of vintage sunglasses. These lenses are brand new, in a graduated G15 tint (green) from 15%LTF to 85%LTF, dark at the top fading to light at the bottom of the lens. Most importantly these sunglasses feature full UV protection. Click Here  to see our blog post where a customer is pictured wearing the same lens colour in a different frame. These frames really do stand out and are not something that everyone wears on the high street, making it all the more desirable . This frame is in very very good condition.The frame features a fixed pad bridge, rectangular rivets can be seen to the side and two pin head rivets to the temporal front of the frame adding strength and style. The markings DS are engraved on the right temporal side towards the rear, on the left side the engravings D S M W 165 are present.
  • All spectacles are supplied with a brand new spectacle case and a Retro Spectacle microfibre cleaning cloth.
  • Prescription lenses are available with this frame.
  • Lens Width: 48mm
    Bridge Width: 20mm
    Total Side Length: 165mm


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