Michael Caine - Iconic Glasses Style

Michael Caine - Iconic Glasses Style

Sir Michael Caine was born in Bermondsey,  South London, England. There is debate as to whether Bermondsey falls under the chime of the Bow Bells, but never the less, Michael is famous for his distinctive cockney accent. Multi-talented, the actor, producer and author has appeared in more than 130 films throughout his career, spanning 60 decades. 

It was the swinging 60’s when Michael Caine burst onto the scene. He starred in British films, and cult classics alike, such as “Alfie”, "Zulu” “The Italian Job” and “Educating Rita”.

Michael's spectacles in his role as Harry Palmer in films such as “The IPCRESS File” and “Funeral in Berlin” really epitomise his eyewear style across the decades.

It’s worth noting that Michael Caine was Myopic, so not only did big, bold, thick rim glasses suit him and help to balance his long face giving it more shape, they  helped to naturally conceal any lens thickness at the peripheral edges.

When we think about the glasses seen on Harry Palmer we also think about the rivet detail to the front and temporal sides. This kind of detail can be decorative, but back in the days when many spectacles were manufactured by hand, it was the technique used to adhere the front and temporal joints together.

Here are our top five Michael & Harry style glasses which are all available online:

1) Pierre Cardin Square

michael caine glasses pierre cardin square

2) Anglo American Eyewear Cuero

Michael Caine Cuero Vintage Glasses 

3) Anglo American Eyewear Baker

Anglo American Eyewear Baker Michael Caine Vintage Glasses

4) Elite Maurice Smoke Grey

Elite Maurice Michael Caine Vintage Glasses

5) Selecta Jack Black


Selecta Jack Black Michael Caine Vintage Glasses

Every one has has a spectacle mishap, be it dropping them, sitting on them or even running them over in the car (yes I have heard this many times). But yet when Michael Caine loses his glasses he does it in an exciting way!

“I’ve lost my specs in the most amazing ways. In a jungle in India a monkey landed bang on my head and stole a pair right off my nose, scratching my bloody forehead.“ [Guardian, 2009]

Not only is Michael Caine's eyewear style spectacular, he managed to conquer the whole menswear look, with classic pieces like the turtleneck, double-breasted suits, and macs featuring throughout his career.

With Caine now in his 80's he has chosen softer frames like the classic aviator which can be seen in the "The Hatton Garden Job". A mile from his 1960's eyewear, but never the less a true vintage style.







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